James Kendall Higgins

The enclosed minimal works emerged in no small part because the radiant light and tempered atmosphere of Southern California. Higgins escapes to nature for renewal, reflection and tranquility. Transcending time and place, this calm defines his obsession.

The work shows an imperfect hand and emphasizes a connection of human touch. Numerous layers are mixed media polymer acrylics, micro-sphere glass particles and suspended, reflective minerals and pigments. Higgins eschews brushes and instead applies luminous, hand made iridescent works on panels with handmade tools.

The reductive works add dimensionality based on perception. Higgins focuses on modeling the surface in order to catch the light, exploring matters almost linked to sculpture, and resulting in an extraordinary and improbable marriage of abstraction and illusion of depth.

The paintings are forms in which the physical object crosses the border between light and shadow, thus creating a relationship with space. The works expand until an illusory monochrome envelops and embraces the viewer, creating a space, a window on perception, a passageway to meditation, stillness. The work then becomes an individual spiritual experience that one can interpret his reductive elements.

His works evoke the simplicity of minimalism, light and space and imitates the infinite.

Higgins invites collaboration with clients, architects and interior designers to create highly complex and creative design solutions.

James Kendall Higgins is represented by Holly Hunt.

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