The Radiant Light…

and tempered atmosphere of Southern California are catalysts for James Kendall Higgins series of minimal works. Pushing the Light and Space Movement into the contemporary moment, Higgins’ work offers the viewer a spiritual experience and imitates the infinite.


Higgins finds nature as a reprieve for renewal, reflection; this calm defines his obsession. Enveloped in endless particles, stillness shapes the work. The viewer finds this experience made visible in the imperfect quality of Higgins’ hand, building layers, crafting a human connection through the material.


Numerous layers are created using micro-sphere glass particles, mixed media polymer acrylics, resin and suspended, reflective minerals and pigments. However, Higgins eschews traditional paintbrushes and instead applies the luminous materials using handmade tools such as large palette knives. The focus on precisely modeling the surface to catch the light explores visual strategies linked to sculpture that result in an undoubted relationship between an illusion of depth and abstraction.


The paintings become established objects that represent the border between light and shadow, thus forming a spatial relationship. An illusory monochrome embraces the viewer creating a window of perception, a passage to meditation.